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After a period of building renovation, the church has re-opened and continues to thrive, focusing on its mission statement – 'Preach the Gospel, Celebrating Christianity'.
We look forward to welcoming you at one of our meetings coming up this week (see details below).


Morning service – 11am

We welcome all to our Sunday morning service as we study God's Word, worship and fellowship together.


Note about Sunday School: Children under school age must be accompanied by their parents at Sunday School.


Refreshments are served after morning service.


Please go click here for directions to the church.


Pre-service Prayer – 10:15am

Join us for prayer in preparation for the morning service, every Sunday in the dining hall downstairs.


Alpha Course – 1pm

The 10-week course explores the basics of the Christian faith. Each session includes a short talk and discussion in a friendly and informal environment.


Please contact Felicita for more information about the Alpha Course starting dates:


Bible Study Group – 7:30pm Tuesday evenings

An informal study and discussion on The Word of God with freedom to express your thoughts and experience. The group is studying the book of Romans and usually meets on Tuesday evenings in the church.


Drop in or email Pastor Iain for more information about the meeting:

Women's Group – 7pm Saturday evenings (2nd Saturday of each month)

The group consists of women from the church of all ages and nationalities. We meet together once a month to study a Christian book, which relates to passages or books of the Bible. After reading a chapter of the book we continue with a discussion on the subject matter.


Please email Sylvia if you would like to know more:

Men's Group – 7pm

There is an opportunity to pray, share & fellowship.  We’ll enjoy some food as we watch the next chapter of The Bible (2013) TV mini-series. The Men’s Group meets once a month at Pastor Iain’s home.


Email Pastor Iain if you’re interested in coming along:

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